Laravel for Clients

First-ever e-book written by developers for clients.
We need to understand each other. It's not that difficult.

(c) 2016. Author: Povilas Korop from Laravel Daily Team

Book chapters

What is Laravel? Why Laravel?

First you need to understand why Laravel framework is powerful, and what the framework actually is and means for you as a client. You will understand the difference between Laravel and WordPress, framework and CMS.

Hosting, servers and deployment

Clients often need to purchase hosting package for projects. so you need to understand the basics about hosting differences, deployment process and version control systems like Github or Bitbucket.

Bonus: Project Management

Not exactly a Laravel topic, but totally related to project success. As developers, we know how to manage us in effective way and achieve results together. Clients need to be actively involved in process, we'll tell you how.